Wusthof 5″ Knife Review

December 6, 2020

Are the knives you own the right size for your hand? I’m guessing you’ve never thought about it before. As an avid cook with small hands I can tell you that when I purchased my first Wusthof 5″ Santuko knife, everything I ever knew about my knife block changed. The 5″ blade is the perfect fit for me and I can honestly say that this is the knife I reach for on a daily basis that helps me complete upwards of 90% of my tasks in the kitchen. In addition to Wustof being know for making a top notch product, I’m also such a big believer in the SIZE and WEIGHT of your knife feeling comfortable in your hand.


Product: Wusthof 5″ Santoku Knife
Retail Price: $119


I’m not sure where I first discovered the Wusthof brand, it seems like they’ve always been buzzing in the air. I’ve been cooking with Wusthov knives for 10+ years as they’ve always been the knives that have felt best in my hand. I particularly like the shorter 5” knife for daily prep because it’s light and easy to handle.


I love that this knife is high quality, made out of one piece of steel. If you are ready to kick your cooking up a notch, getting your first professional knife is a right of passage and I sign that you are ready for more! I also love how comfortable the grip is, and the size of the finger guard.


  • Usage: I reach for this everyday, it feels so good in my hand.
  • No Sticking: Chopping starchy vegetables just got easier!
  • Blade: SO sharp and perfect for fine tasks or bigger projects.


  • Expert Quality: Again, this isn’t really a con but this knife is more for someone who cooks often and want’s to prep effortlessly. The price reflects that quality. That being said, I think you really only need one knife as long as it feels best in your hand. I go for the shorter, 5″ blade because my hands are small.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that a Wusthof knife is an investment that will last a home cook years in the kitchen making prep easier and safer. When I use my Wusthof 5″ Knife, for everyday meals or fancy occasions, I feel like Cinderella. The quality and the grip are a perfect fit every time.

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