Valentine’s Day Decor

January 26, 2021

Simple + Modern idea for Valentine’s Day Decor!

Modern meets Playful Color Palette

I think one of the easiest ways to take a more modern approach to decorating for the holidays is to update the color palette. Rather than just using the classing red and pink for Valentine’s Day decor, consider incorporating additional shades or colors, like orange to the classics. I love the way orange plays with pink and red and like to use winter citrus like oranges to incorporate it in a really easy and organic way.

Crazy for Candles

I can’t seem to get enough of taper candles these days and it feels like I’m seeing them everywhere! Consider this budget friendly option, these to incorporate color, or even investing in some battery operated tapers like these. (I’m obsessed! A great compromise for homes with little curious hands and open flames.) If you’re going to incorporate some easy yet elegant taper candles into your decor, you’ll also need some candle holders. I like these modern white and black options or these classic brass candle holders are also great.

Got to Have that Garland

I’m a sucker for a garland on a mantle. I usually always incorporate some sort of holiday garland onto our fireplace mantle and like to layer it in some way shape or form. For Valentine’s Day I always pull out our felt “Be Mine” garland and also incorporate a simple and inexpensive paper heart garland as well. The layered look makes it look more intentional and fun.

My kids also love a paper chain countdown to a holiday. So we usually make a simple paper chain and they take turns ripping off the chains as we inch closer to the holiday.

FUN Decor Options

As my kids get older, I like incorporating fun games into our family holiday decor. For Valentine’s Day this Tic-Tac-Toe game has been really fun since everyone can play and we can easily keep it on our coffee table. Both Ollie and Nora enjoy it and it’s basically indestructible.

Faux vs. Fragrant Flowers

Look, I’m a fan of BOTH! If available, I always prefer fresh flowers, but often times practicality rules and I’ll put together a simple faux arrangement that can take me through a few holidays. This simple arrangement will work for Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day, so I was happy to invest $40 or so on stems that I can have out for months. I love this big glass vase and these stems from the Threshold line at Target were a solid find from the weekend.

Heading out the Door Holiday Style

I grew up with a candy dish left out for most holidays, so when I think of decorating for the holidays, candy always comes to mind! (I’m also a HUGE fan of candy – it’s one of my vices) I thought these X + O candy dishes were so cute and the perfect way to put out a small amount of candy to celebrate. I like keeping the candy dishes right by our door where I also keep my keys, sunglasses, and lip balm.

I’m also a big fan of a classic wreath on the front door. For Valentine’s Day I took this pink berry garland (that I also incorporated into Christmas decor for my girl’s bedroom) and shaped it into a heart and finished it off with ribbon tied into a bow.

Do you have a favorite piece of Valentine’s Day decor? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Looking for more of my 2021 Valentine favorites? Visit my Amazon Shop Page list: CLICK HERE

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