Valentine’s Day Box Tradition

January 28, 2021

My Mom has sent Valentine’s Day Boxes for as long as I can remember. This still continues on today, in our Valentine’s Day Box Tradition.

Sending L.O.V.E

My mom has always been a great gift giver. It’s one of the best ways she shows love and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Growing up we’d assemble Valentine’s Day boxes for our cousins and send them off. It was a tradition we all looked forward to each year and I have memories of my mom looking for little trinkets to add to the boxes months in advance.

Now, she carries on the Valentine’s Day box tradition with her grandkids, and my kids eagerly await the arrival of the box full of goodies!

It’s the thought that really counts

The gifts are never elaborate, but certainly thoughtful. This year she sent a flipbook kit for my art lover, a crown for my princess lover, and a roly poly toy for the baby. She usually always includes a book, cards, and lots of Valentine’s Day candy. I love that she included a gift card this year for a Valentine’s Day treat with Dad!

Carrying on the tradition

These days, it’s so exciting to get a simple letter in the mail, so to receive a whole box full of goodies feels like winning the jackpot. The most important part of the tradition is that it’s such a fun way for my kids to feel loved by their Nana. I look forward to continuing it with my own kids as they head off to college (yes, I always received a Valentine’s Day box in college) and have families of their own with grandkids that I’ll get to shower with Valentine’s Day love.

Here are a few favorite goodies from the box this year!

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