Valentine’s Day Book Ledge

January 28, 2021

Our family has a tradition of pulling out our favorite holiday books throughout the year where they can be seen on our book ledge. This is a roundup of my favorite books about LOVE to read leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Our book ledge

We have a double decker book ledge in the room right off of our kitchen where our kids often cozy up with a good book. I’m so grateful that they love to read, but they FLY through books so it’s important for me to make sure that this book ledge is ever changing. One way to do this is by swapping out the books for each holiday. That way there’s always something “new” to read.

The world’s greatest reading chair

Besides the books, the thing that really makes this corner is the unbelievably comfortable reading chair. It’s big enough to cozy up on with one kid under each arm and I love it. It’s big enough to lounge and even swivels. All of my kids can sit here independently or invite one of us to join them. While we were doing distance learning, this is where Ollie did his free reading everyday which really cemented it as the “reading chair” in our family.

A few of our favorites

Here’s a list of our favorite Valentine’s Day books on our ledge right now. I’d love to know your favorites below!

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