Thanksgiving Timeline

November 17, 2020

Let’s Make a Game Plan

I recently had the pleasure of doing a Meal Prep class with the ladies at 8 Minute Classes and I wanted to share a resource with you. If you’re new to Jamie and Shannon, check them out on instagram! I love that they believe in continuing education for women and offer wonderful classes and tips. I feel like I learn something new from every holiday I host for family and friends. We always learn from our mistakes in the kitchen, right? For instance, desserts get left until the last minute or rolls are forgotten in the oven. However, in 2020 it felt more important than ever to come prepared!

Meet Your New Thanksgiving BFF

I’ve created a simple Thanksgiving Timeline to help you (by “you” I mean “me”) get everything ready for the big day. I’ve included steps for the 10-Days leading up to Turkey day with a few of my kitchen trade secrets sprinkled in. Feel free to add notes in the margins or use this as inspiration for your own game plan. Just click to download and print, then you’re ready to go!

Looking for Recipe Inspo?

Is your menu still up in the air? For many of us that can’t have family visiting us from out of town this year it leaves an empty spot on the table. I’ve complied all of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes into a blog post for you, maybe it’s time to start a new tradition! Click Here for My Thanksgiving Favorites

Happy Thanksgiving! You’ve got this!

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