Superhero Kitchen Tools Craft

June 17, 2021

The perfect rainy day imaginative play or a fun way to gift new kitchen tools to Dad for Father’s Day!

Spoon Man + Captain Fish Spatula to the Rescue!

This was such a simple way for my kids to do a craft with their dad. Ollie had so much fun making up the backstory for these characters… I’m sure if we had felt like bringing out the glitter and stickers Nora would have been all over it too!

I love this kind of craft because it is as simple or detailed as you want it to be, you can add more supplies or just keep it to the basics. For me, the key ingredient was the google eyes that have the sticky adhesive on the back!

Tools + Tips for Kitchen Tool Superheroes

This craft couldn’t be simpler. Here are the tools I recommend having on hand:

  • Construction Paper – Stick to plain colors or use scrapbook paper for more design!
  • Kitchen Tools – I love how these came out, but get creative!
  • Tape / Glue – We used scotch tape to secure the mask and the cape, but you could also use glue.
  • Scissors + Googly Eyes – I love the eyes with the sticky backing.

As far as my tips and techniques, the biggest thing is to let your imagination run wild! The kids had a blast “flying” these around the kitchen with Robby.

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