St. Patrick’s Day Decor

February 24, 2021

Simple + Modern ideas for St. Patrick’s Day Decor!

Lean into the Rainbow

Some may argue that it’s completely unnecessary to “decorate” for St. Patrick’s Day… but hear me out. By mid-March, you are likely feeling the winter blues and anxious for spring to finally arrive. It’s the perfect time to inject hints of color into your home to lighten the mood and hopefully invite some good luck. There are so many fun ways to decorate with a rainbow color scheme. I love this amazing candle base from AGLOW with Rainbow Taper Candles. It’s the perfect centerpiece for a celebration, or to brighten your home as you survive the tail end of winter.

Pot O’ Gold

I’ve had these geometric terrariums for a couple of years. I often use them in different places around my home for styling shelves or coffee tables. This year, I thought it would be fun to fill them with gold coins as if there were an actual “pot of gold”! To avoid needing so many gold coins, I stuck a small bowl in the center of the large terrarium and arranged the coins around that. Still, my 4 year old Nora still occasionally picks one up and of the plastic coins and tries to bite in it convinced it will be chocolate. No luck Nora! Only plastic coins here.

Layered Garland

My kids look forward to (and almost expect) a holiday garland draped on our fireplace mantle (yes, even for St. Patrick’s Day). For this holiday I layered a simple felt ball garland with a gold paper garland, and a rainbow tissue paper garland.

My kids also love a paper chain countdown for a holiday. So we usually make a simple paper chain and they take turns ripping off the chains as we inch closer to the holiday. You can see our rainbow chain and 2 other simple crafts I did with paper strips here.

Celebratory Wreath Welcomes Spring

I like having a wreath on our front door for most of the year. I usually put up this spring green wreath right after Valentine’s Day and keep it up throughout the spring months. It’s great quality, looks awesome for being faux, and was great even when we lived with rain most of the time in Oregon. If you want to make it even more playful, consider tying a simple rainbow or gold ribbon on the wreath. Any time I incorporate ribbon with a wreath I think the simpler the better. And the fact that I really appreciate beautiful ribbon must mean I’m getting older! Gimme’ all of the linen and hand dyed ribbon out there!

I’m also a big fan of a classic wreath on the front door. For Valentine’s Day I took this pink berry garland (that I also incorporated into Christmas decor for my girl’s bedroom) and shaped it into a heart and finished it off with ribbon tied into a bow.

Crafternoon = DIY Decor

Especially with smaller holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, sometimes the best way to decorate for a holiday is to take a weekend afternoon and craft your own DIY decor. We call it a “crafternoon” around here, but whether your making shamrocks out of green paper strips and a stapler, or making your own rainbow window from post-it notes tucked away in your desk, a little arts and crafts can go a long way when it comes to making your home feel celebratory.

Do you have a favorite piece of St. Patrick’s Day decor? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Looking for more of my 2021 St. Patrick’s favorites? Visit my Amazon Shop Page list: CLICK HERE

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