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Family dinner is worth prioritizing – but let’s be honest, cooking dinner for your family multiple nights a week is HARD!

Let Kelsey help you find a solution to solving your weeknight dinner woes. Whether you’re looking for monthly recipe inspiration, one-on-one kitchen/cooking consulting or a course that walks you through organizing, outfitting, and optimizing your kitchen for easy weeknight cooking…I’ve got you covered.

Together we’ll tackle cooking burnout as I teach you how to make fulfilling family dinners that are planned, practical, and prioritized.

Recipe Club

A recipe resource for home cooks struggling with dinnertime decision fatigue. 5 NEW, family-tested, easy recipes each month of the year voted on by club members.


Family Meal Makeover

Learn the systems that will set you up to thrive in your kitchen! Step-by-step instruction for organizing, outfitting, & optimizing your kitchen for easy cooking. 25 exclusive recipes!


Kitchen Prescription

Customized kitchen consulting for people who struggle to get dinner on the table. A virtual 6 hour cooking meets organization service one-on-one with Kelsey.


In-person consulting services offered in select markets. Contact Kelsey if interested in booking. 

Family Meal Makeover + Recipe Club Bundle

Bundle Kelsey’s two most popular products to make getting dinner on the table more manageable. Set up your kitchen for success + monthly recipes.


FREE Guide to Meal Planning

3 simple steps will set you up for success and help to eliminate that dreaded phrase of “what am I making for dinner tonight?!” Download my FREE GUIDE to get started.

Download the Guide

Give the gift of getting your kitchen under control!

Gift Recipe Club
for the person who needs recipe inspiration

Gift Family Meal Makeover
for the person who needs to organize + outfit their kitchen

Gift Kitchen Prescription
for the person who needs one-on-one help setting up their kitchen for success

Gift Family Meal Makeover + Recipe Club Bundle
for the person who wants recipes + kitchen organizing experience

Make it a complete gift by including one of my favorite kitchen tools to go with your gift above. Check out my favorites HERE!

Recipe Club FAQ

+ How do I purchase this as a gift?

Simply head to our Recipe Club Gifting checkout page where you’ll provide their name and email address for your recipient.

+ How will I access the recipes?

Recipes will be indexed on a club website where you can access, print, and watch the monthly recipes.

+ What if I don’t like the recipes?

You can cancel anytime! You can also email me directly (I love feedback) and I’d be happy to provide reasonable suggestions for adjusting the recipe to make it a better fit for your family.

+ How do we vote on the monthly recipes?

On the Recipe Club site you’ll be able to cast your vote for the upcoming month’s recipes in addition to submitting a request through the recipe suggestion box.

+ How hard are the recipes?

The recipes are simple enough that any home cook should be able to execute them with ease. If you can read directions, you can make these recipes.

+ How many servings are the recipes written for?


+ What recipe substitutions are provided?

For every recipe I provide suggestions for making the recipe vegetarian friendly and where possible, gluten free.

+ If I paid for the full year and want to cancel, will I get my money back?

Your account will be prorated so that you won’t be billed for the recipes you didn’t receive.

Family Meal Makeover FAQ

+ I don’t know if I should purchase Recipe Club or Family Meal Makeover?

Recipe Club is designed for home cooks seeking monthly recipe inspiration while Family Meal Makeover is a course designed to help you organize, outfit, and optimize your kitchen for easy cooking. You receive 25 recipes with the course, but the focus is on setting up successful kitchen systems. Also, you can purchase both Recipe Club + Family Meal Makeover for a discounted rate! See the bundle pricing above.

+ Do I have to do this all at once?

No! This is a self-paced course and you can work at whatever speed works best for you. You have indefinite access to all of the course materials.

+ Will this apply to me if I don’t have kids?

Absolutely. The primary focus of this course is to help you set up systems in your kitchen that will make cooking feel more manageable. Whether you’re cooking for 1, 2 or 12 people at your dinner table.

+ Are there videos?

Yes! This course is filled with informative video content to help you succeed.

+ What if I have questions about how to apply something to my own kitchen?

As a member of Family Makeover you have access to the “Ask Kelsey” function where you can ask me any cooking or kitchen related question and I’ll get back to you with a personalized answer.

Kitchen Prescription FAQ

+ What is it?

Customized kitchen consulting for people who struggle to get dinner on the table each night. A cooking meets organization service where Kelsey helps you organize, outfit, and optimize your kitchen to make mealtime feel more manageable.

+ What does it include?

Clients can purchase a virtual or in-home package. Each session is a 6 hour time block with Kelsey. Beforehand, you’ll receive a survey from Kelsey so that we can identify exactly how we’ll break up the day to address the pain points you need to work through. Afterwards, you’ll receive a resource guide for recommended products, recipes, and meal planning tools.

+ How does it work?

Clients share their pain points about what isn’t working in their kitchens through a google form that’s submitted to Kelsey. From needing new cookware or knives to finally figuring out a pantry organization system that functions efficiently (rather than just looking great) I’ll walk you through setting up systems to solve the specific problems you’re running into. After setting up the proper systems, Kelsey will help you determine what stays and what needs to go in your kitchen in addition to helping you fill in the gaps where you have needs.

+ Are there any recipes involved?

Yes! As part of your Kitchen Rx experience, Kelsey builds a custom weekly meal plan for you and your family with suggested recipes that suit the needs of your family.

+ Is it just for people trying to feed families?

No! It’s for anyone who feels frustrated in their kitchen. Whether you are newly empty nesters, dealing with a recent food diagnosis that requires pantry modifications, or trying to figure out kitchen systems that work while raising busy toddlers and picky eaters, Kelsey builds a custom plan to suit your needs.

+ So it’s cooking and kitchen organizing?

We’ll focus on organizing your kitchen space and making sure that you’re outfitted with the right kitchen tools to make cooking feel as easy as possible. Kelsey provides suggested recipes, but we won’t spend our time together physically cooking at all.