Rubbermaid Glass Storage Review

December 15, 2020

YES! It’s true, and maybe you read it here first. My all time favorite food prep and leftover containers from Rubbermaid now come in GLASS! There is nothing as satisfying as that *click click* sound when I pop the lid on one of these containers. I use them for everything, and the best part is how well they stack in my fridge. I loved them before but now they come in glass I can’t wait to add to my collection.


Product: Rubbermaid Brilliance Glass Storage
Retail Price: $29.99


I’ve had the hard plastic version of these for years and love how durable they are. I’m so excited to add the glass versions to my collection for easy reheating.


They are perfect for meal prep, so easy to clean and I love to take leftovers and put it straight into the oven.


  • Air Tight: The lid is super tight, and keeps food leak free and fresh. Plus, you can swap lids across containers.
  • Oven Safe: I don’t own a microwave (randomly) and like to do all of my leftover heating in the oven. The class bottoms are perfect for that.


  • Sizes: I loved my old hard plastic ones but I’m excited to add more glass to my collection as they become available. I wish there were more in glass already, but I can be patient!

Final Thoughts

LOVE THESE! How can I put it into words? When you find a product like this you search for deals everywhere to keep growing your collection.

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