Rainbow Window

February 19, 2021

A quick and beautiful DIY for a St. Patrick’s Day rainbow window decoration! Perfect to get older kids’ help with, and is basically guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone who passes your window.

Low Maintenance DIY

When it comes to homemade decor, my priorities are always to make it easy and cute! This post-it window rainbow checks both boxes. All it took was:

  1. A pack of multi-color Post-Its: I loved the one I grabbed from Amazon, but really as long as you have 4+ colors you could totally make it work
  2. Some gold: more power to you if you have real gold coins! I found these on Amazon and have had a lot of fun working them into my St. Patrick’s day decor. You could also color, print, or craft your own gold coins to embrace the DIY
  3. Something for the pot to hold your gold: I usually have empty cereal boxes hanging around the house, so I cut one up and threw some black paint on it… black paper, a painted brown paper bag, would also work!
  4. Tape that you don’t mind using on your windows

Putting it Together

To assemble your rainbow, layer your colors in rainbow order on your favorite sunny window. I found that layering them so a third of the post-it would be against the glass looked the best! At the end of your rainbow, tape your pot of gold. For mine, I took my painted cereal box and topped it with about a dozen gold coins.

Just a few other thoughts on the assembly process: I found it helpful to lay out my first color all the way down the diagonal. For my rainbow, that was the light pink post-its. This helped me to keep my spacing even! Some of the layers might stick up a bit, or if you have kids with grabby hands (like I do) reinforcing some layers with tape might be wise!

Make it Your Own Rainbow Window

This project was so fun and simple! My 8 year old Ollie totally could re-create this on his own now that he has seen it done. There is, as always, so much room for customization. If you don’t have post-it’s on hand, you could use tissue paper, regular paper, or even streamers! Get creative with your pot, your gold, try adding clouds, or a leprechaun. However you pull it all together, this fun and colorful DIY decor will help your St. Patrick’s day feel special and exciting for you and your family.

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