Podcast Episode 019

May 26, 2022

Let’s Talk About Knives + Knife Skills

This week, Kelsey shares how her toddler, Penny, got into another very sticky situation before diving into three kid-approved recipes to simplify your holiday weekend. There’s been several DMs on Instagram lately asking about the best knives to keep in your kitchen and how to make them work for you. Let’s discuss the essentials when it comes to knife shopping, chopping, and sharpening!

Three Recipes of the Week

1. Southwestern Cobb Salad (Recipe Club MAY)

2. Apple, Bacon, Cheddar Sandwiches

3. Chile Lime Tacos

Knife Resources:

  • Chef’s knife – This will be your workhorse in the kitchen and do the bulk of your slicing, dicing and chopping. Honestly, you don’t need much more than this one essential knife, but there are two others that I’d recommend equipping yourself with. 
  • Paring knife – This is super useful for doing smaller tasks like breaking down citrus, deveining shrimp, and cutting the stems out of bell peppers, among other things. I recommend this one from Mercer than can be bought on amazon!
  • Serrated knife – This knife’s obvious use is for cutting bread, but is also often better than a chef’s knife on delicate vegetable skin, like tomatoes. I really like this one I got on Amazon, also from Mercer!

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