Summer Pies 4 Ways

July 1, 2021

My family has always been fans of all pies, but I rarely have time for a full-fledged homemade masterpiece. Thus, these variations on pie were born!

Pie Pops

These pie pops are great to do with your kids or grandkids! Use this same technique with different pie fillings, like almond apple or your favorite chocolate pie for a special treat. You can also shape your pie crust into different shapes– maybe try hearts for Valentine’s Day or stars for the Fourth of July!

Pie in a Jar

This is my favorite way to “gift” a single serving of pie! Whether you’re hosting a picnic and want to limit necessary utensils, or you’re dropping of a treat for a friend, pie in a jar is so cute, yummy, and simple! This recipe is for my delicious cherry pie, but you can use the same concept with any flavor of pie you prefer.

Slab Pies

If the pressure of a pretty pie intimidates you, try your hand at slab pies! With a homemade buttery crust, sweet berry filling, and crumbly topping, berry slab pie is always a crowd pleaser. Roll this slab pie into any shape you want as long as it fits onto a sheet pan. I like to make pie crusts in advance and keep them in my freezer. (they can hang out there for up to 3 months) When you’re ready to make your slab pie, don’t stress over rolling out the pie dough. Unlike a typical round pie, slab pies are no-fuss and basically fool proof.

Traditional Pies

Of course, we need to mention that there is nothing wrong with the old classic traditional pie! This All-American Apple Pie is my favorite– especially A La Mode. Hard to beat!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy pie?

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