DIY Peel + Stick Kitchen

December 16, 2020
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When my family and I packed our boxes and moved to California this spring, we decided renting would be the best way to explore the neighborhoods of our new town. While so many features of this house charmed us, there were a few finishing touches we wanted to add. You can imagine how much time I spend in the kitchen, not just testing recipes but also weeknight meals and time with my kiddos. The dark black countertops really brought the whole room down and while we didn’t want to invest in making permanent changes to this rental, I know there must be something to do. Peel + Stick, to the rescue!


Product: Counter Contact Paper
Retail Price: $7 / Roll
Product: Tile Backsplash
Retail Price: $29.99


I knew I was looking for something bright with brown / warm veining and so I went to Amazon, I found a perfect solution!


The facelift speaks for itself. The counter tops have held up really well to stains and water after 6 months, we’ll see how they do moving on.


  • Makeover: I’d definitely say mission accomplished.
  • Flexible: If I made a mistake it was pretty easy to peel it up and try again.
  • Durable: So far, no complaints on this front – even held up to spilled tomato sauce!
  • Quick: I surprisingly did the whole backsplash in just 45 minutes!


  • Bubbles: There were some creases and bubbles when I was applying the contact paper but I was able to hide them with the marble veining.

Final Thoughts

This was the perfect cost effective and renter friendly solution for my dark kitchen. If you have a buddy to help, the process will go even smoother!

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