OXO Nesting Bowl + Colander Set Review

December 19, 2020

I often think about our first small apartment in NYC when Robby and I packed up our lives and chased our city dreams. I wish we had tools like the OXO Nesting Bowls built with functionality and compact storage in mind. The colanders are so high quality and the lids provide a lot of versatility in food prep. After using these for a few months I started to wish that everything in my kitchen would stack, especially pots and pans.


Products: OXO Good Grips 9-Piece Nesting Bowl & Colander Set
Price: $49.99


OXO Products have been a staple in my kitchen for a long time and when we moved to California I was looking to be very intentional about the amount of kitchen tools we had in our new rental. We had made a significant effort to downsize and minimize before we left Oregon, these bowls seemed like a great way to keep us to the kitchen essentials.



  • Lids: Perfect for keeping salads fresh or transporting.
  • Bottoms: They are so sturdy, with feet and the colanders have a wave pattern that help them to stand on their own.
  • Quality: OXO is the only brand that made it to the 20 Days of Kitchen Faves list twice. Their products are so well made that I couldn’t narrow it down.
  • Compact: Perfect for small kitchens.


  • Price: OXO products tend to be more of an investment but I’ve always found it pays off.

Final Thoughts

These are great for washing berries for a quick snack or making and serving a dish to a group of friends. The color and design make them perfect for kitchen prep and serving.

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