Nordic Ware Non-Stick Sheet Pans Review

December 13, 2020

One of the questions I get asked most often on my Instagram @kelseynixon is for sheet pan recommendations. Look no further than these Non-Stick Sheet Pans by Nordic Ware. Say Goodbye to rolls of parchment paper, this duo has you covered. The keep up with my busy family and are easy to clean. Also, I wish all of my bakeware came in this gold hue – don’t you?


Product: Nordic Ware Half Sheet Nonstick
Retail Price: $21.00


I bought this product while searching for a sheet pan that would be easier to clean. I cook A LOT of sheet pan dinners and was sick of the elbow grease required to clean my traditional sheet pans.


I love that I can use the full size pan for my weekly sheet pan recipes like Sheet Pan Pretzel Chicken and the half sheet for warming up Chicken Nuggets for my kids or making a roasted veggie side to go with dinner.


  • Shape: No warping in the oven and a great weight for one-handed tasks.
  • No Sticking: Obviously the best part and the reason I purchased them.
  • Texture: There’s a subtle pattern to the pan that lightly lifts and encourages airflow.


  • Dishwasher: Not dishwasher safe but the nonstick makes them so easy to wipe clean.
  • No Metal: I stick to wooden or silicon tools on these.

Final Thoughts

I’ve slowly started replacing all of my bakeware with the Non-Stick Pans by Nordic Ware because it saves me all that scrubbing time. When it comes to recommending product for successful sheet pan dinners, these non-stick sheet pans are #1 on my list. Oh! And there’s an amazing deal at Costco for them right now, so don’t wait!

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