My Most Popular Recipes

March 21, 2021

Fifteen of my most popular recipes! Almost all of these are fantastic for simple weeknight cooking or weekends

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

Here they are! Fifteen of my most popular recipes of all time. From my cookbook to my shows on Cooking Channel, these are these are the recipes that are cooked most often by my audience. There’s a few sheet pan recipes, soups, salads, and desserts. (thank goodness) I think if I had to pick and ABSOLUTE favorite, it would be the Sheet Pan Greek Chicken shown above. It never gets old for me!

Tools to go with My Top Recipes

While all of these recipes are easy to make, they’ll require a few basic tools in the kitchen. If you feel like you’re constantly feeling like you don’t have this or that, check out my list of everything you need to outfit your kitchen from top to bottom. Having the majority of these tools on hand will mean you can cook nearly anything in the kitchen. Every good home cook has the support of a well stocked kitchen! Speaking of stocking your kitchen, in addition to having the proper tools on hand, having a well stocked and organized pantry is also a game changer for easier cooking in the kitchen. You can find videos for both outfitting your kitchen and stocking your pantry in my How-To Video Library.

Scroll through my most popular recipes below. Let me know if you’ve made any of them in the comments!

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