My $10 Mother’s Day Bouquet

April 29, 2021

Whether you’re treating yourself, or getting flowers for a Mom in your life, you can have a stunning bouquet for under $10 for Mother’s Day! See how I completely transform spray roses below.

The Flower Formula

This is no science experiment, I promise. Let’s keep it simple because for some reason the days before Mother’s Day can feel the most hectic, don’t you agree? Spray Roses + Eucalyptus = Stunning Bouquet! I always get my flowers at Trader Joe’s because it’s convenient, they’re super affordable, and because they are always fresh and vibrant with an amazing selection of greenery. I love that I can pull together a bouquet for far less than it would cost me with a florist or floral delivery company. They often have some of my favorite flower varieties as well like ranunculus and peonies. And while you’re there, pick up the ingredients to make this Trader Joe’s Tuesday recipe that I’m so in love with! To say that I’m a fan of TJ’s would be an understatement.

My #1 Rose Trick

The roses below are in three separate stages. Many times when you buy them at the store they come really tight, especially if they’re the most affordable variety – spray roses. By gently massaging the petals with the tips of your fingers you can slowly open them up. Once you get to the center you’ll notice a beautiful yellow shine through that looks so chic. I like to pluck a few of the petals out closest to the center. This small step will transform your arrangement instantly!

Greenery is Key

Often disregarded as just filler, I think the greenery is key for any bouquet. In fact, any time I pick up a bunch of flowers, whether it’s roses, hydrangeas, or any other variety, I always grab some greenery which is usually only 2 or 3 dollars. In this bouquet I used eucalyptus which has kind of been the “it” girl of greenery for the past couple of years. I particularly love the varieties with small berries , but it comes in many different varieties and has such a pleasant scent. If you live in a warmer climate (like California!) you can also clip greenery from your yard. We are really spoiled with beautiful mature landscaping in our yard. Speaking of greenery, I’ve seen a trend of all greenery bouquets for weddings this year. What do you think?

Ready to WOW

Last step is to sit back and enjoy. This would be beautiful for an outdoor picnic brunch or find a special vase to gift to a friend. Thrift stores are great place to find interesting stone ware or vintage glass at an affordable price or you can always use a mason or ball jar. I love having fresh flowers at our home and now that I’ve mastered this life hack I regularly make roses a part of my shopping routine. Who in your life could use some extra beauty sent their way?

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