Mother’s Day Books

April 29, 2021

Here is a roundup of my family’s favorite books about moms and motherhood! What are your must-reads for Mother’s Day?

Mom’s Know Best

Reading with my kids has always been so special to me as a Mom. We love having books out on display and sharing a story (or 3) before bedtime is the perfect way to wind down after a crazy day. Recently, my daughter Nora fractured her ankle so there have been lots of story snuggles on the couch. These are some of our favorites to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Reading Together

My oldest is a veracious reader on his own, and although I miss reading picture books with him it’s fun to see him get lost in a story. I love asking for books for the kid’s birthdays and holidays because we often find new family favorites from friends that become a tradition in our own home. I’ve also seen picture books used as guest books at birthday parties, such a clever idea! Love You Forever is a classic and Nora is loving My Mom is Magical. I’d love to know what books did you love as a kid that you still read with your own family?

Fill Your Shelf

Here are the links to purchase our favorite Mother’s Day books, also visit your local library and bookshop!

I Turned My Mom into a Unicorn

The Best Mother

Five Minutes’ Peace

My Mom is Magical

Love You Forever


Are You My Mother

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