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meal planning 101

Raise Your Hand If…

Having a Meal Plan would make your life SO much easier but you just can’t find the time?

Meal planning can feel overwhelming, but I believe it’s a necessary step to making dinner time feel more manageable for just about everyone. Rather than suggesting that all of you make the exact same recipes each week with the same grocery shopping lists I use, let’s look at things differently.

3 Simple Steps to Meal Planning Successfully

I believe in adopting a few simple strategies that will make meal planning a breeze. Let’s face it. Our families all have different likes, dislikes, dietary restrictions, and schedules. Following these simple steps will set you up for success and help to eliminate that dreaded phrase of “what am I making for dinner tonight?!”

Step One

Sunday Shop

Pick a specific time each weekend to plan your meals for the week the shop your own kitchen. Open your refrigerator and pantry going through both perishable and non-perishable items that either need to be used or you know you’d like to incorporate.

Step Two

Seek Inspiration

Next, take time to think about your family’s favorite recipes that incorporate some of the ingredients you have on hand. Or consider seeking inspiration from your favorite social accounts, recipe websites/blogs, or good ole’ fashioned cookbooks.

Step Three

Schedule Recipes

Schedule recipes for each day of the week you plan to cook. I’m a big fan of online grocery delivery and pick-up. I will usually open up a tab for my local grocer and a big-box store near me. I’ll go through each recipe and put the needed ingredients in my cart and either schedule grocery delivery or pick-up.

Let’s go!

Plan your meals for the week by using the recipe blocks below.

This has been a game-changer for me with a young family. It eliminates trips to the grocery store that used to eat up hours each week. I hope that my recipes can be one of your sources for recipe inspiration! Each week I’ll send out a weekly meal plan with suggested recipes that are ideal for simple family dinners.