Material Kitchen Tool Sets Review

December 11, 2020

I’m constantly asked by my audience what “essentials” they need in the kitchen and that’s when I learned about Material Kitchen. I came across The Fundementals set and was instantly drawn to the ingenuity of including quality products that a home cook needs and nothing she doesn’t. It’s like having a beautiful home cooking headquarters right next to my stovetop.


Product: The Iconics by Material Kitchen
Retail Price: $245


I just think this company is fantastic, perfect for your new “forever kitchenware” and I first heard about it floating around the internet. When I first saw the wood


I use this product for everything from making dips to dressings and even baby food. It has replaced my bulky food processor that I always dreaded pulling out. I also use and love the whisking feature multiple times a week. 


  • Everything You Need: Each item has a fundamental purpose.
  • Nothing You Don’t Need: I use everything, and don’t feel like there’s anything that isn’t functional.
  • High Quality: The materials are well worth the price and are made to last.
  • Design: The wooden holder is perfect if you’re like me and believe every item in your home should have a place to live.


  • Need: Now, you might be thinking you don’t need a replacement for all of these items in your kitchen system. I purchased this for my studio kitchen when I knew I didn’t have other tools as an option and the set was a good fit. This is great if you’re looking to reset your meal prep game for 2021 or if you know someone moving / getting married / just starting out.

Final Thoughts

This product is so smartly designed and has so much value to the home cook. It can do so much to elevate your prep experience and take you from amateur to home kitchen expert. I highly recommend this, it’s the accessory your countertop has been waiting for.

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