Lodge Cast Iron Skillet Review

December 3, 2020

One of the very first episodes of my show, Kelsey’s Essentials, was dedicated to Cast Iron Skillets because they are such an important tool for your kitchen. I love my Lodge Cast Iron Skillet best for all of my searing needs. Everything from a good steak to chicken thighs suitable for a weeknight dinner for my family. This one is my favorite because of the dual handles. The ability to make a gourmet style meal for at-home date nights or even a giant skillet chocolate cookie make this one of my kitchen essentials.


Product: Lodge Cast Iron Dual Handle
Retail Price: $19.92
Color / Specifications: I have the 12″ in black, but I also love the 10″ size.


I was seeking a larger cast iron skillet than the original 10” I bought for my first kitchen. After reading wonderful reviews of Lodge products, I went with this and have no regrets.


I particularly love the dual handle function which makes it easier to handle the heaviness of the cast iron. I’ve been telling my audience for years that everyone should own a cast iron skillet. In fact I dedicated an entire episode of my Cooking Channel show, Kelsey’s Essential to the topic.


  • Size: There’s ample room to cook in this 12″ skillet.
  • Durable: You can even put this on the grill, the surface is so tough!
  • Functionality: Holds heat so well, I’ve never had a problem with it being even and warm. It’s so practical and can literally do it all when it comes to getting gorgeous marks on meats and veg.


  • Seasoning: This is me giving you permission to buy a preseason cast iron skillet like this one. Some people might debate that but I’m really happy with this one.
  • Handwash Only: I hand wash this then rub a little oil on it to keep it seasoned.

Final Thoughts

This is one of the kitchen tools I think every home cook needs, and I would find hard to cook without. The more you use it, the better the results will be.

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