Leprechaun Tricks to Play on Your Kids

February 26, 2021

These can be as simple or as involved as you want to make them.  For an extra dose fun, have the leprechaun leave a little treasure (gold chocolate coins, rainbow candy, etc) as a reward for dealing with the Leprechaun Tricks!

Leprechaun Tricks

Leprechauns are mythical Irish elves best known for hiding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. They are also supposed to be a bit naughty, playing lots of tricks on unsuspecting kids. My kids love looking forward to a silly leprechaun visit each year and I love that it invites a bit of magic into our home.

Before the big visit every March, we spend some time talking about St. Patrick’s Day and leprechauns ahead of time, so my kids understand what’s going on. One of our favorite ways to do this is to read books (these are our favorites) about leprechauns and rainbows.

Green Milk

This is the trick I remember most from my own childhood. Opening the refrigerator on the morning of March 17th to find that our milk was green! A little food coloring goes a long way for creating some morning magic. My mom also always surprised us with a box of Lucky Charms to eat with our green leprechaun milk.

Green Toilet

Using green food coloring (again!), make the water in the toilet bowl green. If you have kids that love “potty” jokes, they may really get a kick out of this one. (why are there SO many potty jokes between the ages fo 4-8?!) While you are in the bathroom, you can also haphazardly unroll the toilet paper or even leave little green footprints on the lid to the toilet seat.

Furniture Upside Down

Overturn some of the furniture and move items your kids will surely recognize being out of place. Make a mess of the dining room, empty a kitchen drawer, or even turn paintings and pictures upside down. All of these silly tricks should be harmless, but lean into the humor of it — the funnier the better!

Little Leprechaun Letters

We love leaving a miniature leprechaun note signed with a proper Irish name like “Larry the Leprechaun.” Use the letter to explaining what went on while your kids were sleeping. Also, pull out your toy magnifying glass so that your kids can read the teeny tiny handwriting. Major bonus points if your miniature note is in limerick form!

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Have your leprechaun send your kids on a rainbow scavenger hunt searching for their own pot of gold. Our leprechaun usually leaves his first rainbow order clue in our Leprechaun Trap, and each clue follows according to the next color in the rainbow. At they end, there’s usually chocolate gold coins and rainbow candy waiting for them (if they’re lucky!).

Hopefully these are a few fun and simple ideas to make the most of a silly holiday that celebrates good luck and rainbows (never enough rainbows)!

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