Kids Halloween Snacks

October 18, 2021

Read on for my favorite simple, healthy, and fast kids’ halloween snacks for the spookiest season!

Spooky Snacks!

Here is my round up of the easiest Halloween snacks to slip into your kiddos lunch boxes this week! I’m all about being a fun and festive mom, but I’ve also have had enough Pinterest fails in my day to know when a project might push me over the edge. These spooky (semi-healthy) snacks are just my speed when it comes to celebrating and practicality! 

I’ll put them in order of easiest to almost-difficult! Let’s get started…

Screaming String Cheese

Grab your sharpies and a stick of cheese for the easiest “DIY” snack of the season! Let your imagination run wild– the cheese is truly a blank canvas. I may be pretty creative in the kitchen, but drawing is not my strong suit. So I keep it simple with an open mouthed ghost. And the kids still love it! Just festive enough.


Take a banana half and, instead of drawing, use mini chocolate chips for eyes and a mouth– voila! A spooky and healthy snack in seconds. This snack is not totally lunchbox friendly, so consider having these ready for after school, or send your kids with the components after you have taught them how to make the Boo-nana faces.

Lil’ Pumpkins

Living in Southern California has turned my kids into orange LOVERS! We almost always have little cuties, clementines, tangerines, or naval oranges on hand. Once peeled, amp up your Halloween Holiday Spirit with a simple stem made out of celery (or whatever green thing you have in your kitchen!) for adorable teeny pumpkins.

If you don’t want to peel the fruit, you could always just draw a Jack-O-Lantern face on your oranges!

Mummy Berries

A strategic white chocolate drizzle + mini chocolate chip eyes = strawberry mummies! These are my girls favorite this year– so easy and cute and tasty! Plus, it easily passes as a healthier dessert option, which I can totally get behind during this season of candy, candy, and more candy.

This same method could totally be repeated on other fruits… kiwi slices, raspberries, pineapple, whatever you have at the ready!

Spooky Smiles

The trickiest of my Halloween treats; these spooky smiles come together with apple slices, peanut butter, marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, and toothpicks. These are perfect for assembling together with your older kiddos. Add your own ingredients (i.e. sprinkles, chocolate sauce, caramel, raisins) to give your spooky smiles unique personalities!


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