July 4th Books

July 1, 2021

Here is a roundup of my family’s favorite Fourth of July books. These books are for all ages, all about Independence Day and America! What are your must-reads for the Fourth?

Super Summer Reading

My 9 year-old Ollie has been an insatiable reader lately. Lucky for him, we have a public library within walking distance of the house. Even still, he is going through several books a week with all his new-found summer reading time; which I am more than happy to indulge!

When it comes to Holidays, one of my favorite “cheats” for decorating is setting out an assortment of books from our shelves that add to the theme. So, for Independence Day, we have books on American heroes, fireworks, the history of our country, and the American pastime- Baseball!

Fill Your Shelves

Here are the links to purchase our favorite Fourth of July books, but be sure to also visit your local library and independent bookshop!

For more ideas of Fourth of July books, check out my Amazon Idea List here!

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