Introducing Recipe Club

November 25, 2021

Let’s Cook Together in 2022!

What is it?
Recipe Club is a curated recipe resource for home cooks struggling with dinnertime decision fatigue. Club recipes are developed to be quick, simple, and loved by everyone at the table. Monthly recipes are voted on by club members and complimentary to the season. 

How does it work?
$5 per month ($1/recipe!) for 5 NEW, family tested, easy, and seasonally driven recipes. Members are billed on the first of every month when they receive their monthly recipes and can cancel anytime or sign up for the whole calendar year (for the discounted price of $50). Recipes are posted on an exclusive club website where they can be printed. CLICK HERE

What does it include?
The club includes 5 NEW weeknight recipes and step-by-step videos delivered monthly throughout 2022. Each recipe is thorough with serving suggestions and suggested ingredient swaps to make every recipe vegetarian friendly.  Finally, it includes direct access to me and my team to answer any cooking or kitchen related question you may have. 

Who is it for?
Recipe Club is for anyone who dreads deciding “what to make” for dinner and feels overwhelmed by too many recipe resources on the internet. It’s for people who enjoy cooking, but feel tired of cooking the same dishes over and over again. It’s also for the parent who wants to cook one meal without functioning as a short order cook for their picky kids (or partners!). Each recipe comes with a guide on how to “deconstruct” the ingredients making it suitable for the pickiest of eaters without creating extra work for you. 

Why now?
For anyone who wants to become a better home cook in 2022 (or simply enjoy cooking more) there’s no better solution than good ole fashioned “practice.” Let me take care of the hard part by providing the requested recipes and suggestions for serving. Why not?! You can cancel anytime.

Ready to join? Recipe Club FAQ

How do I purchase this as a gift?
Simply head to our gift checkout page where we’ll provide a printable gift certificate and detailed instructions for the recipient to register their account. 

How will I access the recipes?
Recipes will be indexed on a club website where you can access, print, and watch the monthly recipes. 

What if I don’t like the recipes?
You can cancel anytime! You can also email me directly (I love feedback) and I’d be happy to provide reasonable suggestions for adjusting the recipe to make it a better fit for your family. Should you choose to cancel your membership, send an email to with a request for cancellation.

How do we vote on the monthly recipes?
On the Recipe Club site you’ll be able to cast your vote for the upcoming month’s recipes in addition to submitting a specific request through the recipe suggestion box. 

How hard are the recipes?
The recipes are simple enough that any home cook should be able to execute them with ease. If you can read directions, you can make these recipes. 

How many servings are the recipes written for?

What recipe substitutions are provided?
For every recipe I provide suggestions for making the recipe vegetarian friendly and where possible, gluten free. 

Is there a social aspect of the recipe club?
Yes! We have a private Facebook community where tips, techniques and ideas can be shared amongst the group. 

What if I cancel after a few months? Will I still have access to the recipes I paid for?
Yes, you will still have the recipes in the PDF copy attached to your Recipe Club emails.

If I paid for the full year and want to cancel, will I get my money back?
Your account will be prorated so that you won’t be billed for the recipes you didn’t receive.