Kitchen Prescription 1-on-1 with Kelsey!

November 28, 2021
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Let’s Tackle Your Kitchen Problems One-on-One

Customized kitchen consulting for people who struggle to get dinner on the table each night. A cooking meets organization service where Kelsey helps you organize, outfit, and optimize your kitchen to make mealtime feel more manageable. Ready to get started? CLICK HERE

How does it work?

Clients share their pain points about what isn’t working in their kitchens. From needing new cookware or knives to finally figuring out a pantry organization system that functions efficiently (rather than just looking great). Kelsey will walk you through setting up systems to solve the specific problems you’re running into.

Organize + Outfit + Optimize for Easy Cooking

Kelsey will help you determine what stays and what needs to go in your kitchen in addition to helping you fill in the gaps where you have needs. Finally, Kelsey builds a custom weekly meal plan for you and your family with suggested recipes that suit the needs of your family.

What does it include?

Clients can purchase a virtual or in-home packageEach session is a 6 hour block of time with Kelsey. Beforehand, you’ll receive a survey from Kelsey so that we can identify exactly how we’ll break up the day to address the pain points you need to work through. Afterwards, you’ll receive a resource guide for recommended products, recipes, and meal planning tools.

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