How-To: Wrap a Holiday Gift

December 17, 2020

There may be some debate about whether holiday shopping or gift wrapping is more challenging. Some people love the creative outlet as they cozy up with a big pile of gifts and a Christmas movie on in the background, but if you’re not that person…this post is for you!

Get Organized

Just like cooking, gift wrapping for a big holiday is so much easier when you have all of your ingredients or supplies prepped and ready to go. I’ve found this gift wrap organizer to be a life saver living in a small home. Since I don’t have a ton of extra space, this organizer perfectly contains my wrapping paper, bags, ribbon, tape and scissors. It lives neatly under my bed and I can pull it out anytime I need to do some wrapping whether that’s for the holidays or a birthday.

Step-by-Step Wrapping Guide

1: Cut Wrapping Paper: Place the package or box facedown on top of your wrapping paper, with the paper still attached to roll. Use scissors to cut paper along one side giving yourself a few extra inches, making a wide enough sheet to cover all sides of the box.

2. Fold Over: While standing on the same side of the table as the roll, pull paper tight up and over the far end of the box. Secure with tape, and fold the paper along the edge of the box.

3. Tuck the Ends: There are a couple methods when it comes to this step, some go with triangles, some just tuck the sides in directly.

4. Ribbon: Watch my Amazon Live How-To Home: Holiday Prep for more on how to finish and add some extra flair.

Get Creative

Something that I love to add to the top of a gift, in addition to ribbon or a classic bow, is a thoughtful ornament or a piece of fresh pine. I often say we eat with our eyes first and I think the same idea applies to opening presents. Having a hint of sparkle or something special on the top of the gift adds to the excitement (for kiddos and grown ups alike!) Some of my go-to ornaments for gifts could be their favorite food or their initial.

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