How-To Set a Holiday Table

March 13, 2021
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How to set a simple holiday table for celebrating the season. By swapping out a few simple details you can transform your table from Christmas to New Year’s in no time.

Tis’ the season for a beautiful table

There’s nothing that I love more during the holidays than an epic Christmas feast, but the table should be just as memorable as the menu. Once you’ve set the menu, you’ll want to think about decor, because the right atmosphere will make that Christmas ham taste even better! And I’m a firm believer that we eat with our eyes first, so a decked table might be just the key for taking your dishes over the top.

I like to first start with a centerpiece. I tend to think that staying simple is always the way to go. If possible, head to your local market and pick up some greens. A pine garland is one of my favorite things to gently lay down the center of the table with a few red berries scattered throughout. A short floral centerpiece incorporating reds and greens can be the perfect piece to anchor your table. I also like adding modern candlesticks to balance out the rustic greens and give your table a quaint glow.

From there, it’s onto the place setting. For more formal occasions, I like using a charger, large dinner plate, and smaller salad plate. I typically place a napkin on the salad place with some sort of adornment to really pull the look together. This year I’ll include a sprig of pine with 2 little bells secured with red and white baker’s twine. This certainly isn’t necessary, but it sure makes me happy as the host. I like the idea of using the bells throughout the dinner, whether you play a game of family trivia or simple ring your bell as you share what you’re grateful for that year, it can be a fun touch.

When it comes to linens, I tend to keep things really simple (mostly because I have young kids and I’m NOT interested in running tablecloths and placemats through the laundry afterwards). I often use a burlap runner down the center of the table and love my Simulinen Napkins that are beautiful, but won’t need to be washed afterwards. I also like to throw a stack of these in the bathroom when I’m hosting for an extra luxurious hand washing experience for my guests.

From Christmas TO NYE

Swap out your traditional Christmas touches with some metallic flair. I like using bottle brush trees in golds and silvers. For the napkins I like to tie a noise maker to the napkin so that everyone is ready to celebrate when the time is right!

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