How-To: Organize Your Freezer

March 21, 2021
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There’s plenty of talk about organized pantries and even refrigerators, but not nearly enough talk about the benefits of an organized freezer! Whether your freezer is big or small, it will drastically benefit from an organizational haul.

Managing the Freezer Mess

It doesn’t take much for a freezer to get out of control when it comes to being a mess. Rogue popsicles, chicken nuggets, and nearly empty bags of frozen fruits or vegetables can easily become packed in there so much that you actually have no idea what you’re keeping on hand. If I’ve just described your freezer, it’s time to put a system in place.


Before you can begin your epic transformation you MUST take everything out, get rid of anything covered in freezer burn, past an expiration date (yes things can’t live indefinitely in a freezer) and give it a really good wipe down. Just like my refrigerator, I love using Force of Nature to wipe down my freezer as well. You can also just use a warm soap wash cloth. Just keep in mind that you’re going to want to work somewhat quickly since your frozen goods will be patiently waiting to be organized and put back.


Once you have a blank slate, determine what categories make the most sense for your needs. Whether you keep a lot of frozen protein or veggies on hand might entirely be up to your diet. Regardless, I hope you justify space for frozen “DESSERTS!” In the same way that you’d see me use clear bins in a fridge or pantry, you should do the same in your freezer. This is how I laid out my small freezer, but your layout will be different based on the size/shape of your freezer and your family’s preferences:

  • BIN #1: Beef + Fish
  • BIN #2: Pork + Poultry
  • BIN #3: Quick Dinners
  • BIN #4: Desserts
  • DOOR: Fruits + Vegetables

Freeze Flat

If you plan to batch cook at all, remember that freezing flat is always the way to go. It’s the most space efficient. I like using reusable freezer storage bags that I can use over and over again. This is particularly great for soups or stews and even proteins. 

Label Everything (yes, even in your freezer)

Chances are, you’ve never thought about labeling anything in your freezer, well that changes today because this tip is crucial for creating a system that sticks. Labeling reminds you and others of where things belong. By clearly categorizing within your freezer, you’ll know where to find things and where to put them away.  I suggest labeling your clear bins and any door shelves. Choose whatever labels you’d like or simply use “freezer tape” – the more labels, the higher likelihood of maintained organization. I use my same $10 retro labeler in the freezer as well. You’ll just want to make sure the surface you’re sticking to is warmed up a bit before attaching the label. I do this by rubbing my thumb over the surface for just a bit.

A tidy freezer can be a lifesaver when it comes to using it as a resource to plan and prepare meals. Your freezer shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to the organized spaces in your kitchen…it’s worthy of bins and labeling and will be infinitely more useful once it’s buttoned up! Watch my video below for further motivation to get your freezer in tip-top shape.

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