How-To: Make a Balloon Garland

March 19, 2021

A balloon garland offers big impact for minimal effort when it comes to party throwing. It’s affordable, easy to put together, and SO. MUCH. FUN!

Is it really easy?

YES! I was shocked the first time I assembled a balloon garland for a birthday party and it was so satisfying. It’s also a foolproof DIY in that it’s nearly impossible to screw this up. There are a few things that make it SUPER simple. First, buy a kit. Many times you can buy these for anywhere between $10 – $20 on Amazon. They’ll include the balloons in various sizes and the balloon tape. I also think it’s worth investing in an electric balloon pump. This will make the process go quickly and my guess is that you’ll use it over and over again throughout the years.

Materials Needed

Here’s what you’ll need to make your Balloon Garland. I think it’s easiest and likely most cost effective to buy a kit, but if you have balloons on hand that you’d like to use up, I’d just suggest that you make sure you have a variety of different sizes to create variation.


  • STEP #1: Using the balloon pump, blow up all of your balloons first. If you’re not using what came in a kit, make sure to alternate colors and sizes. Keep in mind that the more variation the better! Don’t worry if your balloons aren’t the same size, that’s exactly the way you want it.
  • STEP #2: Once all of the balloons are inflated, pull out the balloon tape and insert the balloons into every other hole. If there are big holes and smaller holes, use the smaller ones so they’re more secure. Positing the balloons in different directions…some going up, and some going down. The alternating helps give the balloon garland some movement and will make it look more editorial. Don’t over analyze it in the beginning. As you get all of the balloons on the tape it will start to take shape and you can make adjustments at the end if needed.
  • STEP #3: When it’s time to hang your balloon garland, the easiest thing to do is to thread fishing line or string through one of the holes in the balloon tape to create a large loop. Then hook the loop on wherever you want to hang it with either a thumb tack or command strip. The balloon garland is typically light enough that you should also be able to use tape. I like to secure it on each end and in the middle then you can adjust the balloons to create more movement.

And that’s it! You’ve got a big, impactful backdrop for your party and for taking photos. It’s a really affordable and efficient way to transform a typical space into a party space in no time.