House of NOA Place Mats Review

December 12, 2020

One of the most important things I do each day is make family dinner a priority for my family of 5. That includes setting a proper table and sitting down all at the same time. While I don’t like pulling out a tablecloth each night, I love using the Everly Place Mats because they are so beautiful and wipeable. Also, they are extremely durable which is perfect for our family of creative kiddos.


Product: Everly Place Mat by The House of NOA
Retail Price: $79 (Set of 4)


These look like luxury linens but they wipe clean, it is absolutely the best of both worlds. I first heard about them on Instagram and now I love seeing the new colors they come out with.


I think The House of NOA says it best on their website, “Everly Mat is a heavyweight, waterproof, vegan-leather that is super soft but won’t leak through. These food-safe mats are so versatile you can use them for craft time to protect your table or as the perfect backdrop to a stylish tablescape for your next dinner party. Make your life a little easier and a whole lot more beautiful!”


  • Beauty: They transform your table from virtual classroom / art room / home office / clutter catcher to dinner party ready in an instant.
  • Durability: They main reason I invested in these was I wanted something pretty that held up to the stains of our young family. Mission accomplished!


  • More: I wish they came individually, would love to get just two more for our table of six. Other than that, they are incredible.

Final Thoughts

I love the simplicity of these place mats and that the neutral pallets can elevate the table for any occasion. If you’re tired of stains and spills these are certainly a great addition.

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