Holiday Memory Keeping

December 16, 2020

3 simple books to capture your holiday memories and traditions.

Make Time for your Memories

I’ve never been a great record keeper, but I’m so glad each time I write down a memory, family tradition, or special experience. There is no better time to prioritize memory keeping than during the holidays. In order for me to be successful at it, I have to figure out ways to make it feel fun and dynamic. For my personality type, that usually involves it looking somewhat pretty! I’ve rounded up 3 fun products for easy holiday memory keeping.

Our Christmas Story

With a beautiful green linen cover, archival-quality paper, and hand-drawn illustrations, Our Christmas Story: A Modern Christmas Memory Book will certainly be a family treasure for my family for years (and maybe even generations) to come. The prompts are short and easy to fill out and there are a few places for family photos or other small things and blank pages where your kids could draw or sign their names.

Family Christmas Card Album

One holiday tradition that we never skip is sending out a family holiday card. It’s one of those things that always seems to take it out of me during the busy holiday season, yet I’m always SO glad that I made it a priority. In our early years of marriage my husband Robby would design a card every year, but once kids came along…we needed to simplify. The important thing is to capture the memory and keep up the tradition that genuinely brings me joy each year (despite the craziness of getting a family photo with young kids).

Time Capsule

A really fun way to close out the year with young kids is to pull together a time capsule. If there were ever a year to reflect on, I think it would be 2020! This year has certainly been unforgettable and I like the idea of my kids having a simple time capsule to pull out in ten years (when my Ollie will graduate from high school!) to remember the face masks, distance learning, and closed playgrounds. This set is perfect for an 8-12 year old. Ollie has already plowed through the book of questions and is now looking for little things he can tag and keep in the little tin box.

After an unforgettable year, a simple kid-friendly time capsule is the perfect way to create a record of an unprecedented year.

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