Healthy-ish Recipe Roundup

January 22, 2021

I’m starting with Healthy-ish’

I’ve been feeling like it’s time for a reset when it comes to eating a bit healthier. I always aim to focus on putting good, whole foods in my body, but admittedly, when life gets busy, the first thing that seems to go are healthy eating habits. I tend to reach for more convenience foods, unintentionally replace meals with throw away foods like snacks (and candy!), and instead graze all day long. What helps me the most when I want to re-set is to reestablish some very attainable habits. That includes planning out a few healthy-ish recipes in advance in addition to making it a priority.

Tools for Tasty Success

In addition to flagging a few favorite recipes, I also try to remind myself of the tools that I have on hand to make healthier eating a bit easier. I love my air fryer for this reason and find that if I rely on my rice cooker to help me with prepping grains, I’m more likely to make grain bowls for lunch or dinner. My Vitamix helps with getting good-for-you smoothies into all of our family members in the mornings. With greens and frozen fruits I can usually convince everyone to indulge in a “morning milkshake”.

Check out a few of my favorite healthy-ish recipes below!

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