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August 30, 2018
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There’s one area of my home that I undoubtedly clean the most – my kitchen. With the amount of cooking I do and the fact that the kitchen is easily the place in our home where we spend the most time together (if you don’t count sleeping), it seems to be a constant state of wiping down, putting away and picking up. Only to do it all over again 3 hours later when the next meal rolls around. But I love my kitchen despite the mess that constantly regenerates. With that said, I think I love my kitchen most when it is clean. A clean kitchen is a perfect bookend to a good family meal or get-together.


For a few years, I’ve seen people in the online space talk about Grove Collaborative. Their pretty design and smart partnerships with brands I already use and love like Mrs. Meyers and Method make this company and what they offer a good fit for me. Grove Collaborative is basically an online store that delivers amazing and affordable natural products for your home right to your doorstep. I can customize my shipments down to the products I receive and how often I receive them, with the best part being that many times their pricing beats what I’d typically pay in stores.


I have consistently bought and used Mrs. Meyers in my kitchen over the years. I go through scent phases…first, it was their Basil scent, then Honeysuckle, and now I’m jumping ahead to the fall and LOVE their Apple Cider scent (it’s seriously so good). Maybe it’s my Type-A personality, but I also love having my dish soap, hand soap, and countertop spray match in a little dish on my countertop. This is one of the only brands where I like all three of those products that they offer – and they match! I love that through Grove Collaborative I’ll have access to the seasonal scents and all I have to do is put them in my online cart and they’ll show up at my door. One of the other things I’m really enjoying is the new Real Simple cleaning line. I’m currently obsessed with their washing machine deodorizer and stainless steel cleaner. I highly recommend both! This week I’m planning to use their cutting board oil to freshen up a few of my boards that I use so often.

a collection of products offered through grove collaborative includes mrs. meyers, real simple. burt's bees, and method


Grove Collaborative has been nice enough to pass along a FREE Back To School Offer – and it’s so good. Sign up for their service through my link and receive everything below:

I have sincerely been impressed and plan to use Grove for many years to come!

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