Geometry House Tea Towels Review

December 4, 2020

If the eye-catching designs aren’t enough to sway you on the Kitchen Tea Towel by Geometry House then maybe the fact that they absorb nearly x7 their weight in liquid will. I’m usually not a fan of microfiber but the waffle weave design and quick drying technology of these towels has completely won me over as a fan. If you’re looking to support a small company and transform your oven handle at the same time, these are for you. Warning: There are hundreds of beautiful designs to choose from.


Product: Geometry House Kitchen Tea Towel
Retail Price: $16


I was first drawn in by the designs of these towels when I came across them online. Trust me, I had convinced myself that “I don’t do microfiber” but ultimately tried them and have never looked back. I donated all of my other kitchen towels and exclusively use Geometry House towels now. 


I pull a new towel out each day. I use it for everything from drying off dishes to wiping up basic spills. We have a collection now and my kids have loved helping me pick out the patterns. They just look so stunning hanging on my oven handle! 


  • Super Absorbent: These absorb so much liquid and are quick to dry – no more of that moldy smell.
  • Design: They have found the perfect way to mix art with function.
  • Not Your Average Micro: Usually microfiber is a “no” for me because I can’t stand the texture but their unique waffle-weave design doesn’t bother me.


  • None: The only problem is trying to choose from their hundreds of patterns.

Final Thoughts

These would make a such a sweet housewarming gift for a friend or treat yourself to a towel makeover. Honestly, I’ve never loved a towel more.

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