Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June 17, 2021

Father’s Day always sneaks up on our family, can you relate? Here are some simple gift ideas for the Dads in your life, get creative and run with it!

Time Together

My husband Robby’s favorite gifts are always experiences that we can share the two of us or as a whole family. His second love is Dodger’s Baseball. He loves going to games with our son Ollie, especially now that we live so close! Tickets to a game, a concert, and movie are now open to us and something I’m sure none of us will take for granted again. They just went to their first game of the season, but I’m sure it’s the first of many.

Personal + Unique

Many years ago for Robby’s birthday I reached out to Parker’s Crazy Cookies to get a personalized cookie in the shape of Robby! This was such a unique (and funny) gift that I’ll always remember his face when he saw it, and his face on the cookie. Personalized + custom gifts are the way to go, especially if they are homemade. My kids always make cards for Father’s Day, just like I did as a kid.

Something He Wouldn’t Buy Himself

Since lockdown, Robby and I work together most days out of our studio space. He’s always on his feet and as someone who loves snowboarding + skateboarding I thought this Standing Desk Balance Board would be fun for him to have. This is definitely not something he would buy himself, and that’s why it’s an extra fun treat! Think of a restaurant Dad wouldn’t normally treat himself to, or an upgrade of something he uses every day. What’s the best Father’s Day gift you’ve ever given? Let me know in the comments!

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