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Family Meal Makeover by Kelsey Nixon

Family dinner is worth prioritizing- but let’s be honest, cooking dinner for your family multiple nights a week is HARD!

Family Meal Makeover is your game plan for falling in love with feeding your family for good

I’ve figured out a solution to solve your weeknight Dinner woes! In my Family Meal Makeover course I’ll teach you how to organize, outfit, and optimize your kitchen for easy weeknight cooking.  Together we’ll tackle cooking burnout as I teach you how to make fulfilling family dinners that are planned, practical, and prioritized.


Here’s why you’ve never been able to meal plan successfully and fight the feeling of burnout in the kitchen…


You think easy recipes are the solution to your problem

In theory, easy recipes make getting meals on the table for your family a little easier, but what REALLY makes a difference is having solid systems in place like meal planning and having an organized and well-stocked kitchen. Easy recipes are only one part of the solution.

Why is this so common?

  • It’s the quickest way to solve your immediate problem and you’re constantly bombarded with quick and easy recipes on IG and Facebook with lots of promises and tempting photos.


You haven’t set your kitchen up for success

We’re constantly talking about how the kitchen is the “heart of the home” and the place where everyone in the family spends the most time. But more often than not, what’s behind our cupboards, pantry doors, and refrigerator doors is a disorganized out-of-control mess.

Why is this so common?

  • Keeping your kitchen organized can feel overwhelming given the amount of use it gets. It doesn’t take much for it to fall out of sorts. You organize, but don’t put a system in place to support.


You can’t seem to stay on top of things in the kitchen

Whether it’s stressful to think about what you’re making for dinner that night or the lunchbox you know you’ll have to pack tomorrow morning, it feels like getting ahead in the kitchen feels impossible. You’re ready to set your kitchen up for success once and for all.

Why is this so common?

  • Your family is picky and messy and you’re tired of nagging them. You’ve never learned to organize and outfit your kitchen or meal plan from a pro. No one seems to eat what you cook anyways.

No matter the culprit for your cooking burnout, you’re not stuck.

I’ll show you how to organize your kitchen and a system for successfully meal planning that will work forever.

Hi, I’m Kelsey Nixon

I’m a Emmy-nominated cooking show host, best selling cookbook author, mom to 3 young kids. I’m also the founder of Family Meal Makeover, a digital course that will help you reset your mindset in the kitchen and fall in love with feeding your family.

I’ve always loved family and food, but it took a while for me to figure out how to feed my own family regularly without panicking around 5:00 every night asking myself “what am I making for dinner tonight?”

Since cooking is a creative outlet for me and my #1 form of stress-relief, you can understand why I was sick and tired of feeling stressed in the kitchen.

But it wasn’t always this way.

My husband Robby tried to help keep up with our family meals, but that usually meant picking up takeout or cold cereal dinners…and this wasn’t how I wanted my kids to grow up around food.

As my kids have gotten older and schedules have gotten busier, the daily dinner task has felt even more burdensome to put balanced family meals on the table while also trying to foster fun family culture around our dinner table.

If you don’t set up systems in your kitchen, there’s a good chance that you’ll always feel behind when it comes to feeding your family meals you feel good about.

It wasn’t until I spent years developing a fully comprehensive (and ridiculously simple!) approach to family meal planning that I was finally able to keep my kitchen looking and functioning in a way that allowed that creativity and passion to thrive there.

It’s time for a new approach to fulfilling family dinners that are planned, practical, and prioritized.


family meal makeover

Where home cooks learn the systems that will set them up to thrive in their kitchens and start cooking recipes that are quick, simple, and loved by everyone at the table.

Family Meal Makeover Includes

This Isn’t Just A Course

It’s a lifestyle shift that will change the way you cook forever


The 4 components to end dinner dread + chaos and invite FUN to the table…


Weekend Kitchen Revamp

To get the most out of the course, I recommend kicking things off with a weekend kitchen revamp where you’ll purge what you don’t need and stock up on what you DO need to make life in the kitchen easier.

– Purge and organize your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry with step-by-step videos and guides.

– Learn how to outfit your kitchen from top to bottom – from pantry staples to the kitchen tools and organizing tricks that will make cooking super simple.

– Create systems for your kitchen in sections so it’s easier to tackle the project and maintain the results.


Printable checklists & step-by-step plans

In addition to videos in each module, you’ll also have access to download printable resources, checklists, and templates that summarize and help you solidify everything you’re learning.

– Start implementing your new systems by printing out step-by-step checklists. (Or simply use the digital versions!)

– Tools and resources to create your own Family Dinner Docket, a hub for meal planning and grocery shopping in your home.


Support from Kelsey & her team

Get feedback in the private Facebook Group each week of the course as you take full advantage of the ASK KELSEY feature overcoming obstacles you encounter along the way.

– Ask me and my team specific questions about cooking, organizing your kitchen, and meal planning.

– Weekly video cooking classes with me to prep the upcoming week’s meal plan and answer your questions.


A community of incredible home cooks

The unique part of the Family Meal Makeover Community is that everyone is working through the same modules and recipes with you each week of the month, offering an incredible opportunity to support each other.

– Exchange stories and tips with other members who are in the program on social media.

– Engage your whole family in dinner by using the monthly dinner music playlists!

– Make implementing your new kitchen and cooking systems FUN by taking advantage of the customized coloring and activity pages for all 25 exclusive recipes in the course. There’s even trivia for each recipe!

Exclusive Bonus

The Private Family Meal Makeover Facebook Group

This exclusive Facebook group is for members to ask questions, share ideas, and receive feedback.

This is where you’ll have access to me and my team for support.

– Kitchen coaching in a closed-door setting so you’re able to ask all of your questions and receive tailor-made answers that will work specific to the needs of your family.

– Connection with other members to exchange feedback and feel supported throughout the month-long process by the entire community

– Lifetime access to the course site and FMM Facebook Group

Family Meal Makeover