etuHome Serving Board Review

December 10, 2020

So, you’ve likely seen these serving boards in the background of my IGTV videos. It’s true, they have a permanent home leaned up against my backsplash. I love to entertain and wanted to have a few go-to serving boards for a “snack board supper” tradition my family was starting. etuHome boards have been my favorite. Each board has a smooth modern side and a more rustic side that make them perfect for any occasion. They’re easy to care for and perfect for weeknight dinners and party nights alike, what could be better? I’ve had mine for years and they still look as beautiful as the day I bought them.


Product: etuHome Reclaimed Pine Rectangle Charcuterie Board
Retail Price $120


I was searching for a high quality board to use for entertaining and for product shoots and these stood out to me because of their size and the fact that they have two looks, one modern finished side and one rustic side. I’d never seen anything like it before!


I use my EtuHome boards for everything from simple dinner boards to more elaborate appetizer spreads for hosting. Check out my Baked Potato Snack Board Supper and my Rainbow Board to see how well they worked for our St. Patrick’s Day party.


  • Reversible: One side modern, the other rustic – these handcrafted boards are perfect for every home.
  • Size: I wanted something large to hold all of our favorite snacks.
  • Durable: I’ve never had any cracking or splintering even after years of use.


  • Care: These should never be put in a dishwasher — just wipe them with a wet cloth or some vegetable oil.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been using my etuHome boards for years and without fail, nearly every time I post a beautiful recipe idea on your boards I get questions about where my audience can find them.

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