Easter Books

March 22, 2021

Our family has a tradition of pulling out our favorite holiday books throughout the year where they can be seen on our book ledge or living room bookshelf. This is a roundup of my favorite books about Easter, springtime, and bunnies to read leading up to the big holiday. 

Bookshelf with bunnies and easter books

Books for Bigs + Littles

I like to make sure that I’ve got a few books out that each of my kids are interested in. Year after year they look forward to seeing the same books come out, but as they get older I keep adding a few that are better for Ollie. (this is our favorite this year!) I also like to make sure that I’ve got sweet preschooler picture books for Nora and a few board books for baby Penny.

Holiday Book Tradition

One simple tradition that we started doing with our holiday books was writing the year we received the book inside the front cover. For a few years we were tracing the kid’s hands as well! It’s tough for me say “no” to beautiful children’s books and the fact that we’re building a simple holiday book library. In addition to being great reading material, they’re also so much fun to display.

A Few of our Favorites

Here’s a list of our favorite Easter books for both bigs and littles!

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