Dash Rapid Egg Cooker Review

January 5, 2021

Perfect Every Time

Eggs are perfect for an extra boost of protein or a great snack, and I rely on them heavily to give all that goodness to my kiddos in the morning. The Rapid Egg Cooker from Dash doesn’t just serve one purpose, think of it as a tiny egg chef on your counter. Hard Boil, Soft Boil, Poached, Omelets, however you like them this egg cooker is the secret to simple and fast cooking.


Product: DASH Black Rapid 6 Capacity Electric Cooker
List Price: $19.99

The Reviews Say It All

Dash is a trusted household name that encourages healthier cooking. With nearly 30,000 4 1/2 star reviews on Amazon, it has a cult following and for a good reason. At such an affordable price point I knew it was an essential tool I was excited to try for myself.

Making Better Breakfast

The first episode of my new show on Amazon Live, The 4 Star Show, is dedicated to sharing some of the best reviewed Breakfast Essential tools on the market. My family is making a Breakfast Resolution for 2021 to start our days of virtual school and working from home with good fuel in our bodies. I can’t wait to incorporate the eggs we make in the morning into that plan.


  • One Button: Set it and forget it!
  • Water Cup: With measurements on the side labeled for each cooking level of eggs it is easy to cook them to your liking.
  • Auto Shut Off: Prevents over cooking, so easy my son Ollie (8) could use it.
  • Compact Design: Fun colors, lightweight, perfect for your first place, college, campers, or a small kitchen.


  • Alert: The sound when your eggs are complete is loud, but you’ll hear it over the hustle of the morning rush!
  • Omelet Tray: I love the idea of this feature but the tray is a little small.
  • Pre-Pierce: If you don’t poke your eggs before they go in the shells will break.

Final Thoughts

If you’re short on time in the morning and looking to establish a routine like my family’s Breakfast Resolution, this Dash Rapid Egg Cooker will be the best tool in your kitchen. I love the versatility of how many styles of egg you can make to keep it fresh.

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