Dash Nonstick Electric Griddle Review

January 2, 2021

Big Breakfast’s Hero!

Griddles are a must have in the kitchen, especially for those weekends that you find yourself serving breakfast for a crowd! Whether it’s a holiday morning, the morning after your kids slumber party, or just another wonderful Saturday, you are prepared to feed the masses with your griddle. I love mine from Dash, a company I know and trust, because of its large surface area– I can get bacon going on one half and still have plenty of workspace for pancakes, french toast, or my kids’ favorite: egg in a hole toast!


Product: DASH Everyday Nonstick Electric Griddle
List Price: $49.99

Flying Off The Shelf

Have you ever had the moment when you’re looking for a product in a store and there is only one left on the shelf? Such a great feeling! I first came across this griddle when I was shopping at Amazon’s 4-Star Store and when the employee saw me snag the last one on the shelf they told me I was lucky because they fly off the shelf.

Hassle-Free Handling

Now, with such a large and versatile appliance, my first worries are always storage and cleanup, but never fear! The griddle is fairly light and not too tall, and can easily fit in standard kitchen cupboards and can even be stacked upon. Many of Dash’s kitchen gadgets are coated with a nonstick top layer, allowing for ease while cooking, and even easier cleanup! Just wait for the surface to cool and wipe down with a little soap and water. No need to worry about lugging it to the sink. Plus, the Dash has built in groves that make a path for grease to a drip pan.  


  • Surface Area: I feel like a cook on the line when I bring this out for family parties. I can turn out bacon, eggs and pancakes all on one appliance.
  • Modern Design: I love the variety of colors. Anti-slip feet also keep it safe and in place.
  • Nonstick: No extra fat required. I just use a wet cloth to wipe it down. Also, PFOA free!
  • Not Just For Breakfast: Quesadillas, Burgers, and Grilled Cheeses!
  • Heat: Get’s hot quickly and cools down fast.
  • Drip Tray: Say goodbye to that messy bacon grease.


  • Sauce: You’re limited when cooking things that require sauces with this griddle.
  • Cord: The cord is pretty short but if you have an island with an outlet it shouldn’t be a problem.

Final Thoughts

This product is my go-to for family entertaining and my kids get so excited when I bring it out for our monthly breakfast for dinner night! The only problem you’ll face with this griddle is resisting the urge to make an elaborate breakfast every morning.

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