Bunny Waffles

March 23, 2021

These Bunny Waffles are a simple and fun way to switch up your normal breakfast with some Easter Flair!

Bunnies for Breakfast

Waffles are a breakfast favorite at my house. I usually make a HUGE batch over the weekend and we freeze the leftovers. That way, the kids can reheat homemade waffles throughout the week for breakfast! These Bunny Waffles aren’t anything to crazy– I just rearranged our usually waffles into the shape of a bunny rabbit! Embellish with fruit, sprinkles, candy, or whatever you have on hand. You could also set this breakfast up as a cooking craft and encourage your kiddos to give their bunny a personality!

Some of the toppings I used include banana slices, fresh berries, and bacon. But, you could totally use any fruit you have on hand, syrup, chocolate chips, powdered sugar, Easter candies, and more!

Waffles for the Win

Nothing beats a fluffy, buttery waffle with a crispy exterior. And if we’re being honest…a good waffle is simply a vehicle for a good old fashioned maple syrup drizzle. The only thing that beats a classic waffle in my book, is one with an almond poppyseed flavor profile! You can find my recipe for these waffles here.

If you want to save more time for bunny decorating, I recommend the Krusteaz waffle mix. We always have at least one box on hand; they make my favorite simple and delicious waffles every time. Also, if you find yourself in need of a new waffle iron, check out my review for the Ostler Belgian Waffle Maker here!

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