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August 5, 2021

Does your child have a favorite meal? Let’s make the first night of school special with a kid favorite feast! Here is my go-to for school night cooking and some of my family’s favorite kid-friendly recipes.

What’s for Dinner?

Now that my kids are getting older and more involved with activities and playing with their neighbor friends I have more time on my hands but less motivation to make a big extravagant meal, are you on the same chapter of life as I am? Well, my go-to in these situations is usually a Sheet Pan dinner, here’s why I love them: 1. Easy Cleanup – everything is cooked on 1 sheet pan so no more messy pots and strainers and labels and weird appliances. 2. It’s easy to “deconstruct” the meals for picky eaters – what I mean is, say your kiddo doesn’t like fajitas but they do like raw bell peppers. Just set aside some in the process for them to eat raw with the meal. 3. It’s easy to plan and prep ahead of time.

Have I convinced you yet? Check out this post with my Hall of Fame Sheet Pan Meals, the ones my family loves the most. If you find a meal that works for everyone in your family, keep using it!

The Kid’s Menu, Please!

For the first day of school let your kids be in charge of the menu! By making their favorite recipes you can really make your kids feel like a big part of this event. If you get requests like boxed macaroni and cheese or grilled cheese sandwiches, consider making a grown up version of these kid favorites. Dishes like my Grilled Cheese with Bacon, Apple and CheddarSpaghetti and Meatballs, and my Skillet Bacon Mac and Cheese are great options. 

Looking for more simple weeknight recipes? Check out Recipe Club.

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