Back to School Books

August 13, 2021

What better time to stock up on some kids books than back to school?! Here is a roundup of some of our favorite school-themed books for all ages!

Back to School Prep

You know I love any excuse to throw a themed party, so celebrating the beginning of the school year was quick to become a family tradition! Whether you’ve got kids who are thrilled to be back in school, or kids that are requiring a pep talk each morning, one way to celebrate the big change is with a back to school family dinner. As you consider how you want to kick off this new school year, maybe incorporate some story time or new books!

Making Friends

One major theme of this book round-up is friendship! New school years can be tough, so we try to get ahead of the curve with some thematic reading as practice. This year, we will be rereading “When Charley met Emma” by the amazing Amy Webb (@thislittlemiggy on instagram!). Picture books are a great way to drive home those themes that are sometimes hard to cover in a conversation with little kiddos. Read on for my full list of recommendations!

Stock Up!

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