5 Ways to Make Your Easter Special

March 22, 2021

Here are five ways that my family loves to do to make our Easters together feel special. What are your family’s traditions?

Easter Advent

Along with our paper chain countdown, I try to bring some “reason to the season” with this tradition. This year, I found a beautiful wooden egg carton for our Easter Advent Eggs. Each of the dozen eggs has a thought, verse, activity, or prompt, plus some candy for the kids (because what is an Easter Egg without candy?!).

There are many different versions of this tradition, it can be customized as your kids grow. This year, I’m thinking we will discuss Christlike Attributes, but you could easily do a study of Christ’s last days, how to be a better friend, anything that your family is needing some unity on.

Plant a Lollipop Garden

This tradition just SCREAMS Nora to me. The night before Easter (or whenever you have a night you need to entertain the kids), “plant” some jellybeans outside. In the morning, have the kids go out and harvest a lollipop garden! This tradition is silly, sweet, and simple.

Carrots for the Easter Bunny

Because we leave cookies for Santa, and teeth for the tooth fairy, my kids insist on leaving carrots for the Easter Bunny. This is a good chance to sneak some vegetables into your kids diet, or just something fun to do together to help the Easter Bunny’s visit feel more special.

Family Egg Roll

Just like on the White House Lawn, I think it is so fun to have something to do with your dyed eggs! Our house in Pasadena has a perfect little alleyway for an egg roll. We line up at the top of the hill, and have a very official countdown from Mom, and usually a photo finish to prevent any arguments over who the real winner is.

With your hardboiled egg arsenal, this activity can easily take up your Easter afternoon. Bonus points if you have egg rolls to eat during your egg roll!

Easter Hats to Easter Dinner

To help your Easter Dinner feel special (and maybe even a little fancy?), we all wear our best Easter Hats to Dinner!