5 Simple Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

April 29, 2021

Celebrating Mother’s Day can be a bit of a chore– especially when you are the mom organizing your traditions! Here are some ideas to help Mom’s Day feel special, without being overwhelming.

#1 Take a Mother’s Day Picture

It may seem like an obvious tradition, but it’s honestly the only one I care about. Every Mother’s Day I want a snapshot with my kids. Sometimes it’s more elaborate when someone with a fancy camera is around (ahem…my sister), and other years it’s a selfie in my bedroom with a lollipop in my hair. Regardless, I love looking back on these Mother’s Day snippets.

#2 Mother’s Day Interview

Now that my oldest, Ollie, is 8 years old we’ve started journaling a bit together and I love it! Last year he wanted to interview me on mother’s day and I’ve looked back on that simple interview throughout the whole year. It’s made me really reflective about how I’m mothering and how grateful I feel for my kids. We plan to keep it up as a tradition every year. If you like the idea of journaling together with kids, I can’t recommend the LOOM Parent-Kid journal enough. It’s such a treasure in our home!

#3 Family Picnic

Whether it’s a Mother’s Day picnic or a tea party, I love a casual lunch with my kids – bonus points if they do the cooking/food assembling! A snack board supper is right up my alley for either a picnic or tea party. Check out my favorite snack boards on this post. You can also find some of my best picnic tips and tricks on this post including a roundup of my favorite picnic friendly recipes.

#4 Make a Family Recipe

Every Mother’s Day I like to make my favorite recipe from my Grandma Karen – her Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies. She was such a fantastic cook and I love the tactile experience of remembering her through her recipes. The whole process of making these cooking, smelling them bake in the oven, and eating them make me think of her and her legacy.

#5 Mom’s Day Off!

Let’s be honest, what most mom’s want for Mother’s Day is a day off. Whether that’s as simple as a nap, a drive to the beach or lake, or taking herself to a movie. A few years ago my husband learned that this was truly the greatest gift…just a break. So it’s a gift that’s become a tradition – one that I really look forward to!

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