5 Simple Easter Decor Ideas

March 22, 2021

Here’s a roundup of my favorite ways to implement Easter Decor each year.


Easter Wreath on Brown Wood Door

Easter Wreath

Spruce up your classic green Springtime wreath with some Egg-themed details! I love this small egg wreath in some pretty April pastels. Another favorite are these egg picks that I grabbed from Amazon that you can literally stick in whatever wreath– and just like that, it’s Easter!


Cute little bunnies are a must for Easter decorations. Keep an eye out at stores for bunnies in neutral colors and textures to effortlessly incorporate them into your decor!

Fiddle Leaf Fig with Easter eggs

Easter Tree

This is a newer addition to our Easter decor, but it isn’t a new tradition by any means! Easter Trees have been a staple for CENTURIES in Europe, and are just now becoming a trend on this side of the map. For this, I just added some of my favorite artificial eggs to our faux trees with some thread and hot glue. Play around with pastels, as well as string lengths to create a visually interesting tree. Too fun!

Fresh Flower

One of the best parts of living in Southern California is the plentiful fresh flowers growing on and around our home. I trimmed this Jasmine and love having it around the house in small bunches. Alternatively, you could add some grocery store florals to your favorite vase. A pop of fresh foliage is just what the home needs for Easter celebrating.

Moss + Eggs

These moss centerpieces live in the center of my dinner table, and they are so effortlessly beautiful. Add some Easter flair with some assorted pastel eggs! I even hot glued a few together to make sure they kept the arrangement I preferred. Happy Decorating!!

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