5 Father’s Day Celebration Ideas

June 2, 2022

Here are 5 traditions that our family has for celebrating Father’s Day, hopefully this gives you some inspiration to make a special day for the Dads in your life.

#1 Take a Family Beach Day

We have so many fun memories at the beach with our family, now that we live in California the beach is a little busier! It will be great to grab our sand toys and hit the water, Robby loves helping Ollie build castles and tunnels.

#2 Pancake Breakfast

Even though Robby is the best pancake flipper in our house, I love the tradition of getting up early with the kids and making special Dad pancakes. Usually we’d eat them outside but with the heat we’re having in California right now, maybe we’ll opt for inside and putting on a cartoon Robby loved as a kid.

#3 Baseball Game

If you’ve been here for a while, you know that the Dodgers are a huge part of our family. Robby and Ollie recently went back to Dodger stadium, it’s a great thing that the two of them have always bonded over. Do you remember the video of them celebrating that I shared on instagram when the Dodger’s won the world series last year?

#4 Hike / Walk with Dad

We love that our house is so close to downtown restaurants and stores now that things are opening up. We love taking evening walks and going on longer, day hikes. Robby is our designated tired child carrier.

#5 Dad’s Day Off

With Mother’s Day this year I got a “Mom’s Day Off” and I think Dad’s deserve the same. No handy projects around the house, no waking up with kids at all hours. If Robby had his way he’d go snowboarding but sadly Father’s Day doesn’t line up well with that… maybe he’ll save to for winter!