4 Mother’s Day Crafts with Cupcake Liners

April 29, 2021

Mother’s Day crafts can be tricky, especially when you’re the one that’s supposed to be celebrated! These 4 simple crafts with one “ingredient” will keep Mom’s Day special without being too overwhelming.

One Product, Multiple Crafts

I love that I can buy one item (floral cupcake liners!) and turn them into an entire “crafternoon” of fun. This has been especially helpful since we’ve had some colder weather in California, and since Nora fractured her ankle we’ve had a lot of indoor time. It’s important to me that these small projects are easy and doable with kids of any age. Not only will these sweet crafts fun to pull together, they also make bright + simple decor for this holiday all about MOM.

Meet the Star of the Show

As most of you know by now, I am a huge fan of a good holiday! My Holiday Hub can’t tell a lie. An important part of celebrating for me has always been easy and fun crafts. Recently, I’ve been loving the idea of simplifying further by making multiple crafts with a single “ingredient”! This time around, it’s these beautiful Floral Cupcake Liners.
Links to the liners I used at the end of the post.

Flowers are an absolute necessity for Mother’s Day so I was thrilled when I found these flower-shaped cupcake liners on Amazon. The petals and pastel colors are so vibrant for Spring and sure to brighten your spirits!

#1 Cupcake Liner Flowers

Cupcake Liners
Brown Construction Paper
Straws or Pipe Cleaners
Single Hole Punch

Pipe cleaners or straws are such a versatile craft item and together with the liners create the perfect gift for your kiddos to give Grandma or Auntie. Pinterest is full of great ideas for these with “classic” round liners; but I loved making paper lilies and carnations with the scalloped edges that these flower liners have.

Add a touch of personalization with whatever crafting goods you have on hand: buttons, glitter, stickers, markers, beads, pipe cleaners. You could also personalize it by writing the names of each grandkid on the petals for Grandma or decorating the vase with all the things you love about Mom.

#2 Cupcake Liner Butterflies

Cupcake Liners
Wooden Clothespins


Add a little clothespin to your liners for a small winged friend! I love these as part of your garland, on a wreath, as place settings, or even on top of a gifts! Check out my tutorial on How-To: Wrap a Present! The possibilities are truly endless. Add personality, as with any craft, with whatever you have on hand. Maybe try adding faces, antennae, or decorate your wings.

#3 Cupcake Liner Garland

Cupcake Liners
Twine / Yarn

Glue or Double Sided Tap

I love adding garland to my fireplace mantel or the bay window in our kitchen for each holiday, and stringing these together was so fun. My kids helped me decide on a color pattern and then we just secured them to a piece of twine so they wouldn’t slide around or fall down. This would be such a fun way to surprise mom at brunch or for a Spring birthday party.

#4 Cupcakes (of course!)

Cupcake Liners
Kelsey’s Yellow Birthday Cake Recipe

Now, it seems silly to have all of these cupcake liners around and not even make cupcakes! I use my Yellow Birthday Cake with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting recipe for cupcakes, it’s a classic crowd pleaser. This can be a great activity to do with your kids on Mother’s Day Eve and let them go wild with decorating, sprinkles and food coloring. As a mom myself, I love when my kiddos are interested in being involved in the kitchen with me. Do I love when Nora finds the blue sprinkles and helps herself to a whole bowl of them? Well, it makes for a good laugh around here!

Links to Purchase

I’m not the only one who loves these liners, they’re hard to keep in stock! Here are links to what I used along with some excellent alternatives:

Wilton Cupcake Liners (Low Stock!)
Petal Grass Liners
Wilton Petal Baking Cups Lavender
Wilton Petal Baking Cups Rose
Wilton Pink Petal Cups
Selizo Multicolor Liners Cut out whatever petal shape you like!

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