3 Easter Crafts

March 19, 2021

Over the last year our family has really gotten in a creative flow (how else do you keep 3 kiddos busy during a year of staying at home?!) Well, Easter is no egg-ception! When I was a kid we used food coloring to dye our eggs but these methods are much easier to clean up. Enjoy these fun Spring activities, and share pictures with me on Instagram if you try some of these at home.

EggMazing + Egg Decorating

My family is OBSESSED with our EggMazing. It has held up beautifully for the last few Easters – I think we’ve had it for almost 5 years now! All you do is add batteries and switch it on, then color your eggs until your hearts content, or in our case, we run out of eggs! This little gadget is perfect for any kid that can hold a marker alone or with a little help from an adult.

Easter Finger Paintings

Bunnies + Chicks + Eggs = Oh My!
There is so much that can be made with a simple fingerprint! My kids loved making and “decorating” these little guys. There are truly endless options when it comes to this craft, and it can be so fun to see little personalities come out in your kids finger paintings.

Graham Cracker Bird Houses

I love the tradition of gingerbread houses at Christmastime. These graham cracker bird houses are a great twist on this classic holiday craft! Assemble a graham cracker house with an open face and sit your peep inside. Too cute! I found some edible grass at target that we will use to make a nest. We are also armed with an arsenal of Easter candies. Some of my family’s favorites are Sweetarts Jelly BeansReeses Pieces Eggs, and the classic Mini Cadbury Eggs!

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